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The amazing history of Jeep.

In 1942, the United States Military put out a contract. They said they needed what they called a Jeep, general every purpose. Their goal was to be able to have a vehicle that weighed less than 2,500 pounds that could be deployed through air or water into enemy territory to transport troops and supplies through enemy terrain and provide key power, electricity, no matter what.

Three different companies came back with ideas and presented them to the US government; Willys, Bantam, Ford and what we now call Jeep. The original was produced as a Willys. And there were even several thousand Ford jeeps that made it into World War II.

The true jeeps that we know began production at that point. It was designed as a generator engine for farm work. Should the vehicle fail mechanically in any way as long as the engine would still operate, it still could be used as a generator —

Literally had a throw-over switch on the charging system underneath to produce different varying voltages. That was in 1942. Fast-forward and in 1956 they come out with the CJ, the Civilian Jeep.

Twenty years later we’ve made it to the CK8, now the Wrangler that would soon became many different name designations all the way up to today’s JK. Jeep used the same engines for 65 years based on how successful they were.

When the US military originally produced these vehicles, they weighed about 2,200 pounds, were deployed from airplanes into enemy territory, had fold-down windshields with automatic weapon mounts on the side of them so that five grown men could fit into a 2,000-pound vehicle and go 60 miles an hour across the countryside.

This literally changed the war forever. In Europe, this meant completely different performance standards. It meant that the German army had to figure out further in-country settings to be able to protect their own troops.

And it meant that trench warfare would soon become a thing of the past. If not for the American government’s Jeep production stigma during World War II, we may very well not be where we are today. If you need service on your vehicle, feel free to call us at any time.

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We’ve already taken a look at the front axle’s internals itself. Now we’re going to take a look at the external side of the front axle, the components that pivot, rock, steer and keep it on the road.

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